How it works?

1. Get Timely Notifications

Receive notifications when Payors make policies changes. Staying informed makes all the difference.
Reduce development time

2. Actionable, Professional Notes

Instead of reading through hundreds of pages of insurance-speak, our software detects policy changes and writes easy-to-digest notes for your billing and coding staff to implement.
Works on all devices

3. Fight Denials More Intelligently

Quickly find policy specifics for a given claim date. Use our data as evidence to win more cases.
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  • Greenlight is extremely pleased to announce a cooperative marketing agreement with CompliancePT. The insights and policy guidance provided by CompliancePT are truly groundbreaking. The information will provide immediate and substantial revenue management benefits to our practices as they seek to improve patient outcomes with integrated Behavioral Health services.

    Rodney M. Hamilton, M.D., CEO of GreenLight

    CompliancePT has developed a truly remarkable tool - highly sophisticated in its functionality, yet incredibly easy to deploy and utilize. Whether you are a single provider office or a multi-location practice group or health system you need this product. Providers are no longer defenseless against the mountainous volume of payor policies. We will be recommending this service to all our practices and partners.

    Clint Wolf, VP Product Management for Greenlight

    I would highly recommend CompliancePT to every practice that desires improved reimbursement outcomes.

    Stuart Rusnak, MD. Oahu, HI

Work With CompliancePT

Use our powerful software standalone or integrate with your existing systems.

Implement Policy Changes Fast
  • Monitor all payor policies
  • Determine action plans
  • Easy to read change notes
  • Crowdsourced policy advice
Rev Cycle Companies
Combine Policy Data with EDI data
  • Inform your scrubbers
  • Update rules with policy data
  • Outperform competitors
  • Develop medical necessity rules
API Integration
Policies, Changes, & Intel On-Call
  • Policy docs on demand
  • Differential docs on demand
  • Time & Date Stamped policies
  • Isolate policy billing codes

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